Rachael Clerke is a Bristol-based theatre-maker, wannabe satirist and keen punk singer. She tries to make work that is political and funny at the same time, and wants to make people swear, in a good way. Her most recent work is Cuncrete, a drag king punk gig about architecture and The Man.

She is one half of performance duo Clerke and Joy, co-founder of the everchanging participatory punk event F*ck The House Band and a member of Interval, an artist collective and studio space above St Nicholas Market in Bristol. 

Rachael once received a ‘review’ that read simply – “Performance Art? Either learn to paint or sculpt or fuck off”. 

homepage photos by Bill McCullogh (Archibald Tactful) Paul Samuel White (How to… Braveheart, The Gogglettes) & Mihaela Bodlovic (How to... Braveheart - with audience)

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