3.8.16 WE ARE IN EDINBURGH. Please come see our show.
CUNCRETE - Summerhall, 10pm - 3rd-26th (not 4th, not Mondays)
GREAT WHITE MALE FIGHT video - https://vimeo.com/176193082
We are also doing cabaret gigs. See left. 
Also - check out the great white males WEBSITE! http://greatwhitemal.es/
love, Rachael and the lads xxxxxxx

I've been so busy I thought my head was going to explode. I also got really miserable because I made a show about MONEY and the TORIES and the HOUSING CRISIS and ALPHA MALES (Béton Brute, yup) and those are depressing things. Anyway, we did the show and it was a smash-hit-success* at Camden People's Theatre. "Eric Pickles meets Pussy Riot." said one tweet, and now I feel strangely light and happy and ready for the next things. What are the next things? Well, take a sweet look at the upcoming dates section to your right to see an array of ten-minute-ish things I'm going to do over the next month. Also I'm starting Punk Band Project, which is a project where I get teenage girls to start punk bands. That makes my head want to explode too, but in a good way.
*I don't know what the actual techincal criteria of 'smash-hit-success' are.

8.9.15 In July I performed a work in progress of my new show Béton Brute at Flare Festival in Manchester, and Bristol Old Vic Ferment (under the name Cuncrete) and it went really well. I feel like it is an enormous, difficult beast, but it is one I am excited about. Anna Smith and Eleanor Fogg formed the first iteration of my punk band The Great White Males and we'll joined by Josephine Joy for the full performance at Camden People's Theatre in October. I'm also excited to be working with Emma Frankland as dramaturg on the project, and Helen Edwards as project producer. The work is shaping up in weird but promising ways, and I'm drawing myself an impressive eyeliner moustache almost every day at the moment.

Mayfest, one of my favourite ever festivals, which just happens to happen in Bristol too, have commissioned me to make a short radio piece for their festival radio station! Carpark Diaries is the pilot episode of Archibald Tactful's soon to be hit series, exploring exciting carparks across the UK. It's fifteen minutes of me talking in a funny voice in carparks, and it's been a good lesson in why radio comedy is difficult (or if not 'why', just that it 'is'). You'll be able to hear the results on Mayfest Radio between 15th & 24th of May.

10.3.15 I've started researching some ideas around concrete (yes, the building material), masculinity, drag, and satire. I know these sound like three different shows but they might end up all being the same one. Watch this space! At the moment I'm calling it 'cuntcrete' but it probably won't be called that. Yesterday I went to Cardiff with photographer Paul Samuel White to play in a particularly ugly carpark whilst dressed as a middle aged male architect called Archibald Tactful.

I just got back from Clerke and Joy's three month gap yah (residency) in India where we made a show called Falls 2-11 which involved lifting loads of heavy plywood boxes around the stage and collaborating with wonderful people like sound artists Daisy Moon (UK) and Sid Vashi (USA/IN) and actress Rucha Apte (IN) and the wonderful team at Thespo Festival and QTP in Mumbai. Now I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the rest of my life but I'm vaguely thinking about making a show with a lot of speeches in it, and doing a course in immpressions.
PS. I'm crap at NEWS updates - the fringe went really well, thanks.

1.7.14 THE TRAILER FOR HOW TO... BRAVEHEART IS ONLINE. I've been so excited about this and I really hope you like it. It's a parody of Visit Scotland's 2009 Homecoming Scotland advert and features Sean Connery (me) and Lulu (me) and Chris Hoy (me) and others (me). Watch it here.

Press for Braveheart: With the official launch of the full fringe programme last week, How to... Braveheart has had a few mentions in newspapers, which is exciting. (I feel like I've made it now that Lyn Gardner has mentioned my show.) The Guardian, 5th June - Edinburgh fringe 2014: the hot tickets / Scotsman, 7th June - Fringe comics 'afraid' to tell referendum jokes.

23.5.14 If you're interested in seeing what I've been working on and you live in London then you can come see my work in progress showing of How to... Braveheart at the ever-wonderful Camden People's Theatre on the 4th & 5th of June. It's part of their UK:RIP festival, exploring the potential break up of the UK as we know it, and you can get tickets here.

14.5.14 Tickets are now on sale for Braveheart at the Edinburgh Fringe. You can buy them here. There are 1440 available (make sure at least one has your name on it)

EXCELLENT NEWS! How to achieve redemption as a Scot through the medium of Braveheart is one of four shows to be awarded the Ideastap Underbelly award. This means I'll be doing a full run at the fringe, and that I also have some money to develop the show/make it good. You can read about the award and the other companies who've won it by clicking here.

upcoming dates

5th April, 8pm | Cuncrete | Norwich Arts Centre | tickets (pay what you can)

7th April | The Great White Males | Macho! Late Night Spectacular | Wellcome Collection, London | info

13th April, 8pm | Cuncrete | Live Art Bistro, Leeds | tickets

18th - 22nd April, 9.30pm | Cuncrete | Soho Theatre, London | tickets

26th - 27th April 2017, 8pm | Cuncrete | Hull Truck | tickets

photo: Delia Spatareanu (The Writing of Running - Cluster Bomb [collective] workshop)

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